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Important for the experts.
Charles Mazel showed a photo (screenshot) from one of my YouTube movies in his talk during a meeting in Colorado Dec.2014, which contains substantial amounts of blue (see Link in my article). He pointed out that this is no real fluorescence. Absolutely correct. In this case he removed the blue in photoshop by limiting the blue channel. The result is identical with true fluorescence (no blue anymore). Many photos and videos of the community contain considerable amounts of blue. The divers postulate that their results are the best. Unfortunately the exact technical data of the photos are not shown in most of the cases. Furthermore there exists a continuous discussion about advantages of plastic foil excitation filters in contrast to dichroic glass excitation filters. Two groups have controversial standpoints: one prefers strobes with blue foil (few divers also with dichroic glass filter) and the other blue video torches with dichroic glass filters. Since now HighPower fluorescence torches are available, strobes are not needed to allow short exposure times (small aperture, low ISO) for mobile targets.
For a better understanding I performed an extensive measurement of 20 different yellow barrier filters and two excitation filters (foil and dichroic filter). Since I like to get an information who is interested in this topic, I provide a link to a pdf-file, where the main results are covered by a mask (preview). Interested divers should contact me to get the original pdf-file (horst.grunz@uni-due.de). I ask therefore for a citation (credit), when my data will be published. This was not the case for many of my earlier articles and inventions (HighPower torches since 2007).


meine Ausrüstung, siehe unter https://www.uni-due.de/fluodives/

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