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Recently I received an email with the question if one needs a yellow barrier filter for mask and camera. A further question was: do you think that a dichroic filter is essential for the fluorescence torch? Simultaneously they informed me that they have bought a
multifunctional torch, which contains 4 white LEDs, 2 red LEDs, 2 blue/pink (400-420 nm), 2 UV (395 nm), but no royal-blue (450-465 nm). In this case of course you cannot use the blue Dichroic Filter, because it would interfere with the red and the white LEDs.
Concerning fluorescence in any case you will get lousy results. In agreement with my US-colleague Charles Mazel( (nightsea) blue excitation light (450-465 nm) in combination with a dichroic filter will give excellent results only.. > https://www.nightsea.com/articles/blue- ... orescence/
Therefore our equipment is optimal for fluo-nightdives > https://www.uni-due.de/fluodives/Seiten ... oreNeu.HTM
I should mention that we were the first who constructed the first HighPower underwater fluorescence torch worldwide in 2007.
Our torches are now also used by underwater archaeologists > Professional application of our HighEnd fluorescence torch in underwater-Archeology -- my torch is seen from minute 14:00 and from 28:00 > https://www.uni-due.de/zoophysiologie/a ... s/AlexTalk
For details about the right preparation for fluo-nightdives have a look on this pdf-file > https://www.uni-due.de/fluodives/Seiten ... astPdf.pdf

meine Ausrüstung, siehe unter https://www.uni-due.de/fluodives/

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